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Quarter Beef Bundle

Quarter Beef Bundle

Excluding Sales Tax

Quarter of Beef Bundle (Deposit)

With a 1/4 side of beef, you can still experience the superior flavor and quality of our locally-raised beef while accommodating your smaller household.


  • $200 Deposit Required; You will customize and complete your order with the Dilday Ranch Team.
  • $3.95lb hot carcass weight plus c/w
    • Quarter Beef Bundles with Dilday Ranch

      At Dilday Ranch, we take pride in delivering ranch-fresh, premium-quality beef products directly to your table. With the Quarter Beef Bundle, you have the opportunity to savor a wide range of delicious cuts that suit your preferences and culinary needs. Let us guide you through the possibilities and help you understand what you can expect from your purchase.

      We're happy to walk you through any first time orders. Let us guide you through the possibilities and help you understand what you can expect from your purchase.

      Please Note: All cuts can be made into ground beef. Your individual cuts of beef may vary due to the size of your animal and the thickness of your cuts.

    • What Can You Get In the Quarter Beef Bundle?

      Here's what you can expect in your Quarter Beef Bundle:

      • Roasts
        • Chuck Roast: 3-5 packages
        • Sirloin Tip Roast: 1 package
        • Rump Roast: 1 package
        • Eye of Round Roast: 1 package
      • Steaks (1" thick)
        • T-bone OR New York and Filets: 5-7 steaks
        • Rib Eye: 6-10 steaks
        • Flank Steak: 1 steak
        • Round Steak (on a quarter, half are tenderized): 4-8 steaks
        • Sirloin: 3-5 steaks
      • Ground Beef (packaged in 1lb or 2lb)
        • Approximately 50-60lbs of ground beef
      • Other
        • Stew Meat: x4 0.5lb packages
        • Short Ribs: 1 package (x3-4 in a package)
        • Soup Bones: 2 Packages
    • Gar Home Town

      • Backed by years of breeding diligence and industry experience, HOME TOWN truly brings it home.
      • Quite possibly the one, HOME TOWN lines up below-average stature with Calving Ease, performance and elite EPDs for carcass.
      • Offers an elite trifecta of 1's with his Method Genetics indexes and a super investment for your genetic dollar
      • You won't find many higher for Marbling or $Combined and backed up by generations of proof like this one.
      • A phenoytypic standout - big-hipped, wide-based with an attractive herd bull presence all in a moderate stature.

    How To Buy Our
    Ranch-Raised Beef Bundles

    Discover how easy it is to shop for premium, pasture-raised beef with Dilday Ranch's simple and convenient process.

    1. Select Your Bundle

    Choose your desired bundle quantity from our range of options, whether it's a whole, half, or quarter side of premium, pasture-raised beef.

    3. Customize Your Bundle

    Work closely with the Dilday Ranch team to tailor your order to your preferences, selecting specific cuts and portion sizes to suit your culinary needs.

    2. Make Your Deposit

    Secure your order with an initial deposit payment, ensuring that your customized beef selection is reserved exclusively for you.

    4. Sit Back & Enjoy

    We'll finalize your order costs. Then, you can sit back and relax as we prepare your order with care. Once ready, your premium beef will be delivered straight to your door

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